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Concierge Bakers!


Concierge Bakers!

HCP's mission is to to make gourmet healthy artisanal baked products accessible to the local community. We offer delicious European pastries & baked goods that are baked fresh daily, using local ingredients wherever possible. Our focus is to use small-batch traditional baking techniques, like those used by artisans in old-world Europe, baked specifically for each customer!

 Our breads are always made with the finest all-natural ingredients. We are proud of the fact that we never use artificial preservatives in our products. Our breads are best eaten the day it is baked. If you can't enjoy our bread at the peak of its goodness, you can request partially baked bread so you can store them in the freezer in the original packaging & complete the baking process whenever you need it.

 Our passion is to support local businesses & communities. Therefore, we are working with local farmers to incorporate local grains, honey, and homemade jams in our seasonal products. You should be able to taste the freshness of local ingredients in all our offerings. Buying locally, also helps us manage costs over time.

 At the end of each day, we support the community that supports us, by donating what we don’t sell to local food banks.


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